Maresse is a jewelry collection created by designer Traci M.D. The meaning of Maresse can be roughly translated as “to be the sea” which is a metaphor for life. Mare is a prefix relating to the sea, and esse means “to be” in Latin. Throughout our lives, we ride out our emotions and the events that happen as they rise and fall like the tides and ever flowing waves of the sea. This symbolism has always been an influence in Traci’s work, which features flowing lines and fluid shapes that are simple yet bold.

Jewelry also has an intimate quality in the way we wear it close to our skin; something that we can keep with us through every chapter of our lives. Traci designs Maresse with these thoughts in mind – jewelry that is made to wear and made to last through the ebb and flow of life. 

Born and raised in Hawaii, Traci earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Hawaii, and then worked as an exhibit designer in Honolulu before deciding to go on an adventure and moving to Japan. This life change gave her the confidence to act on a long-time dream to combine her love for jewelry with her background in art and design to create her own jewelry collection.

All of Maresse's original jewelry designs are made with care in Japan. We take pride in each piece of Maresse jewelry, which is skillfully crafted with a focus on quality and an attention to detail that is made to last for years to come.